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Top Ten Recruitment Strategies

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Building an effective team is a challenging and daunting job for any business. In a growth-oriented company, managers want to look for key employees that are adaptable, learn quickly, produce quality work in short time spans, are personable and interact well with others both in higher and lower lever positions, and have the ability to multi-task.

With competition in the workforce, it’s time to get creative in sifting out those who can fill the bill for key positions. The traditional newspaper ad is falling by the wayside, and the internet is certainly playing in role in assisting the incorporation of talent into today’s organizations.

Here are the top ten recruitment strategies to find key players for your growing organization

1) Utilize job fairs; create interest and a fine applicant pool a job fair. Target the high-talent labor sector of interest, whether executive, administrative or customer service.

2) Consider offering positions as tele-commuting, job sharing or part-time work to tap into a more diverse candidate selection.

3) Ask for employee, or even customer referrals; provide incentives and contests for the referral of productive new hires.

4) Utilize web-based resources offered; job boards and distribution services, as well as internet newspaper listings. These days people are far more apt to relocate for the right opportunity.

5) Spice up your website; highlight your need for new talent with an "Our Team" page and advertise your company.

6) Publicity is grand! Create interest in your company with press coverage and project your company in a unique format to attract the types of professionals you seek.

7) Allow employees to participate in high profile activities even if means giving them some time off work. With their active involvement in professional and trade associations, you can garner admiration from young professionals hoping to establish mentorship

8) Use headhunters and recruitment agencies. Naturally check the company’s references and feedback as well, but many fine agencies are out there; they have sorted through the characteristics and background of candidates, and are prepared to recommend based upon your criteria. This can save 300-400% on the cost of an intensive search for a high-level position.

9) Employ temporary agencies and firms. Quite often employers can find just the right combination of skills and expertise in a prospective employee, and it allows a type of "try before you buy" approach to staffing.

10) Cultivate your own talent. Offer scholarships in exchange for a number of years of service to remarkable high school and college students.

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