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A good interview at the very first instance

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Everyone faces a time in their life when they miserably fail in a job interview. But rather than feeling sad about it and feeling like a looser, it’s important to know how to handle such situations. Read on to find out how to recover from a bad interview and get your job search right back on track: Never let anxiety cloud your judgment. If you want to recover from a bad interview, you need to evaluate the situation objective. Write down everything that you think went wrong during the interv...

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What do you mean our Employer Value Proposition (EVP) doesn`t compare?

Every once in a while, each of us (as External Recruiters, Internal Recruiters, or Sourcers) have interesting conversations worth sharing. Some are informative, many are myth-busting, and a few are mind-boggling. Here is an example of one with an organization that has doubled their staffing spend over the last 12 months by believing the hype and searching for a magic bullet. Today, they have little to nothing to show for their `investments` and are very close to exhausting their entire FY09 b...
Published about 17-05-2009 | Rated 0
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Indian American Arun Sarin in race for Yahoo CEO job

Dec 09, 2008: Indian American Arun Sarin, who recently moved out as the Vodafone Group CEO, is leading the race for the job of CEO for Yahoo, the top internet search engine and website. Sarin, if selected, would replace Jerry Yang as the Yahoo CEO. Yang, co-founder of Yahoo, had recently announced to quit as CEO. `Among those being considered is Arun Sarin, who retired as chief executive of Vodafone Group PLC in July, according to people familiar with the matter,` The Wall Street Journ...
Published about 10-12-2008 | Rated 0
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Ericsson to cut 5,000 jobs

STOCKHOLM: Swedish telecom equipment giant Ericsson posted a stronger-than-expected fourth-quarter profit on Wednesday, promising deeper savings as it announced 5000 job cuts The company, which released the results more than a week ahead of schedule for a fourth consecutive forecast-topping report failed to give a specific business outlook. That gave analysts some pause for thought. Ericsson made an operating profit of 9.2 billion Swedish crowns ($1.1 billion) in the quarter, excluding rest...
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Major job-generating sectors record decline in hiring

hursday, December 18: New Delhi: Coming days will bring more bad news for job seekers as still worsening economic downturn may cause a further fall in hiring. Decline in recruitment has been witnessed in big job creating sectors in India, reported Financial Chronicle. In the first quarter of 2008, IT, financial services, FMCG, retail, real estate and consultancy sectors constituted 35 percent of employment, while the number fell to 15.8 percent in the second quarter and to 10.8 percent in the...
Published about 18-12-2008 | Rated 0

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