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Constraints and Challenges of recruitment during recession

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Being an HR professional in your organization, what are your major training challenges? Being an HR professional in your organization will subject you to major training challenges. Some of the challenges of recruitment during recession are listed here: Recruiting, as you know, needs a good business perspective, the expertise to find and place the best candidate for a particular job and more. The trouble comes when, during a recession, though the right candidates are now available, the jobs no...

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Corporate cost-cuts: early gains soon turn to pain?

CHICAGO: Much of Corporate America has slashed costs to stay in the black during the recession, but welding the knife too heavily could also remove the ability to grow in a recovery. "If you cut into flesh long enough, eventually you find bone," said David Rosenberg, chief economist at Gluskin Sheff in Toronto. "Cost cutting is not a bottomless pit." Firing people, introducing hiring freezes, halting investments, trimming budgets or even skimping on office supplies are time-tested ways t...
Published about 20-07-2009 | Rated 0
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GTI One hop from Linx â the UK internet super highway

With recession looming www.myparttimejob.co.uk , one of the UK’s fastest growing job sites specialising exclusively in part-time jobs is helping UK employers recruit part time staff by allowing them to advertise their part time roles free of charge. Having grown on average 30% month on month since launch, MyPartTimeJob.co.uk offers both employers and candidates a targeted, discreet platform devoted to part time jobs of all types, nationwide and currently employers can post their jobs for fr...
Published about 06-11-2008 | Rated 0
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Pre placement offers come raining down on IITs

Bangalore: Even before the placement season starts in December, India`s premier engineering colleges- IITs are already receiving good pre-placement offers (PPOs). All the seven IITs have seen a jump in PPOs, the job offers made to students after summer internships and before campus placements. In the current year, all IITs have witnessed a jump in pre-placement offers (PPOs), or job offers made to students after summer internships and before campus placements, as Indian corporates have st...
Published about 10-10-2009 | Rated 0
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Capgemini freezes onsite recruitment

Mumbai February 17, 2009:Paris-based IT services and consultancy firm Capgemini said its target of hiring 40,000 employees in India by the end of 2010 may not be possible, if the current slowdown continues. The company currently has a headcount of 24,000 in India. "In India, we will still increase our headcount by 15 per cent for this year from 24 per cent last year. This is also because attrition has come down. We might have to extend it, perhaps by a year, but if recovery happens faster, we...
Published about 16-02-2009 | Rated 0

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