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Forecast: What HR will be doing over the next 3 years

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Hiring freezes will likely thaw. Employees’ share of healthcare costs will continue to rise. And a lot of companies will shrink staffs. That’s a few of the results of a recent poll of HR managers from consultant Watson Wyatt. About seven in 10 HR pros see their company’s salary freezes being lifted over the next year. Here are some other details of the poll, which forecasts trends over the next three to five years. The number of employees working past retirement age will: Gr...

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HCL founder Shiv Nadar, biz person of the year

Bangalore: Founder of HCL and Chairman of HCL Technologies, Shiv Nadar, has bagged the U.K. Trade and Investment Business Person of the year award for unique contribution to bilateral trade. After taking this award, Nadar said, "U.K. holds a special place for us at HCL. Our work there has grown not just in volume but in the value we are able to deliver to our partners in the U.K; and from the U.K. to the rest of the world." Nadar was presented the award in acknowledgement of the company`s ...
Published about 20-09-2009 | Rated 0
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Nearly 5000 employees quit TCS

At a time when job losses are grabbing headlines, almost 5,000 employees of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) have in fact left the company on their own. Last Friday during its quarterly results, the company announced that its annual attrition rate was at 11.5 percent. The headcount of India`s largest software exporter shrank despite a gross addition of staff. According to Hindustan Times, in the latest quarter TCS added a total of 2,828 employees with the total headcount of 1,43,761 at the st...
Published about 22-07-2009 | Rated 0
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HCL Tech to close 441 mn pounds Axon deal on Monday

11 Dec 2008: NEW DELHI: India`s fifth-largest IT company HCL Technologies is all set to conclude its £441-million acquisition of Axon Group on December 15. With this deal, HCL will become one the largest SAP implementation companies in the world with consulting in the front end and application and infrastructure maintenance in the back end as core strengths. Currently IBM and Accenture are leaders in the SAP implementation vertical globally. The buyout comes at a time when IT compan...
Published about 10-12-2008 | Rated 0
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How honest are you? Take this test

In the wake of the Great Economic Meltdown of ‘08 — and the cheating that preceded it — business schools are considering an ethics test before sending grads into the real world. Would you pass it? The test — based on real-life situations — has been developed by Babson College, Yale and the Aspen Institute, and is being considered for use by 80 colleges nationwide. Ready for it? Here goes (answers at the bottom): Scenario #1 You’re a rising executive just promoted to corporat...
Published about 25-10-2009 | Rated 0

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