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Companies plan retention bonuses for employees

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Since the habit of hiring is making a return, companies across the spectrum such as chemicals business player SRF, auto ancillaries major Sona Koyo Steering, engineering firm Samsung Engineering, IT firm Perot Systems, Adobe, Nitco Tiles and a Mumbai-based finance company, have planned surprise packages for their employees including retention bonuses to check attrition. Retention bonuses are aimed to retain the employees, whom a company thinks are critical for its continual growth. It is ...

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3 reasons performance reviews fail - and how to avoid `em

When done properly, performance reviews will motive employees to do their jobs better and give them a concrete idea of how to do that. But too many managers fail to give the process the attention it deserves. The majority of employees (57%) say they’ve never had a useful performance review, according to a survey by Harris Interactive. Those employees report their performance reviews have done little to motivate them or help them improve their work. So what’s wrong? Here are the three m...
Published about 28-07-2009 | Rated 0
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To be recruited for a high position? Ask for a car

Bangalore: After an extensive job search, multiple interviews and job offers, most people make the decision to join a company based purely on the salary they are offered. However, every company provides employees some kind of perks. Hence it is important to understand that there are other factors that you have to consider before taking up a new job, reports iDiva. Here are some important criteria that you need to look at before you make your selection: The reputation: Make sure you select ...
Published about 29-11-2009 | Rated 0
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Kerala IT cos eyeing Satyam clients

12 Jan, 2009: KERALA: It is advantage time for IT companies in Kerala. With Satyam under a cloud, the software companies in the state are busy trying to win o ver clients of the tainted IT bellwether even as they are flooded with job applications from Satyam employees. A few large IT companies in the state either work with Satyam or are competitors. The head of a leading IT company told IANS on the condition of anonymity, that across the IT industry efforts to take over Satyam`s clients in I...
Published about 12-01-2009 | Rated 0
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Common Sources for Recruiting Sales Staff

Recruitment refers to employing the right kind and the right number of sales personnel for a sales job. Since recruiting is the first step in the placement of a candidate, it holds a lot of importance and must be done properly. According to Edwin B Flippo - Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. It is therefore clear that, recruitment is the process by which suitable sources of manpower are identified to m...
Published about 02-06-2009 | Rated 0

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