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SAP lays off unspecified numbers

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NEW DELHI: The German software giant SAP AG reportedly laid off an unspecified number of employees recently as part of its previously announced plan to trim 3,000 jobs. The lay offs were confirmed by a company spokesman according to the report. The spokesman said that the cuts were not directed at any one particular discipline or area of our business and were spread across the board. SAP, which implemented cost savings in October after sales dropped sharply, said it would continue to slas...

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Crisis leaves recruitment cos in dire straits

MUMBAI: A Virtual recruitment freeze in the corporate world has pushed midsized management recruitment firms on the back foot. Finding the going tough, several of them, mostly in the management consultancy space, are either closing shop or trimming workforce. On an average, employee costs account for more than 60% of their expenses. Bangalore-based Corecompt Consultants , which provides recruitment consultancy to leading automobile and construction companies, has seen nearly 50% drop in it...
Published about 30-12-2008 | Rated 0
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Companies getting ready to hire again: What it means for HR

Some long-awaited good news about the economy: More companies plan to add jobs soon. More than half (53%) of businesses say they plan to add full-time staff within the next year, according to a recent survey by Robert Half International. Additionally, 40% plan to hire temporary or contract workers, while another 40% say they’ll add part-time employees. That’s good news for the economy, but HR should be on the lookout for retention problems. Employees who have stuck around through incre...
Published about 08-09-2009 | Rated 0
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How to Do Twice As Much With Half the Recruiting Team

Times are tough. Even those companies that are doing reasonably well are cutting their recruiting teams by a minimum of 30% to a maximum of 90%, and tightening up expenses to the absolute barest minimum. Half of these cuts are probably necessary anyway, the balance most likely an overreaction to the dismal economic conditions most companies are now facing. There is an expectation that along with the cuts these recruiting departments need to drastically improve their productivity by 30%-50%...
Published about 21-03-2009 | Rated 0
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Master technology first; be a manager later: Infosys

Infosys Technologies has decided that its staffers must have at least six years experience in technology responsibilities before being asked to head a project. This is the latest move in a process that began 18 months earlier, after clients had complained that its project heads didn`t seem to have enough of technological skills. This requirement is in turn, because of the industry`s high growth, and the pace of attrition in the sector. Many employees were being given managerial responsibi...
Published about 16-11-2009 | Rated 0

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