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Work from home requires discipline and structure

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Recruiters tempted to go it alone during the downturn might find that working from home isn`t as liberating and uncomplicated as they`d hoped, says business coach Ric Willmot. "The excitement and trepidation rise as you take your seat at your desk realising you are independent, answerable only to yourself, free to manage and prioritise your time, efforts and schedules. Many consultants, trainers, coaches and speakers are escapees from the corporate world; relishing the freedoms afforded self...

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Google, Motorola announce job cuts

San Francisco: Even mighty Google is feeling the effects of the global recession. The advertising and software giant is cutting 100 recruiting jobs and plans to shutter three engineering offices in Norway, Sweden and Texas, the company announced. Laszlo Bock, Google`s vice president of people operations, said in a blog post late Wednesday that since Google is now hiring at a reduced rate it needs fewer people to hire people. The company had a huge number of recruiters working as it scaled...
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Recruiters Top Interview Stories

Now, we’ve all heard the story about the candidate that missed their interview, or committed a faux pas asking about salary or vacation time right away. The classic interview horror stories include candidates who were forgotten about and left in waiting rooms for hours, candidates who fall asleep in interviews or falsify previous salary/employment information. But how many people can say they’ve been given an exam with no right answers? Or have been offered a rare sports car along with a job...
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The Head Hunting Story

We decided to hire a Technical Manager. This was a critical position & we did not want to take any chances. So we decided that money should not be a factor. We decided to give a Newspaper advertisement, publish the Jobs in Job boards, and allocate the assignment to Talent Search Partners. We received 100’s of resume. After a pain staking shortlisting process, we identified 5 people who were promising. We had a telephonic & called them for Interview. After the interview, we were buoyant ...
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More projects, but no hike in salary for lower level executives

Bangalore: Tough times call for tough measures, and as a result of it, most of the MNCs hung the axe on lower and middle level staffs than top level management at the time of crisis. The current global slowdown, the worst economic crisis after `The Great Depression` of 1929, forced around 94 financial institutions to shut their operations in the U.S. and at the same time more than 20,000 IT professionals have been laid off by various IT firms in India to cut their operational cost and survive in...
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