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Attrition rate may go up 25% in 2011 with hefty hikes

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Human Resource managers are devising ways to retain talent next year that will see companies paying annual increments up to 30%. The average attrition in 2010 was 10% across Indian companies, a rate that may rise to 25% in 2011-12 with improved salaries. Employees treat a 10% pay rise as satisfactory and call it a boom year when salaries jump by 30%. Indian companies are forecast to grow 9% and salaried class expects higher increments during 2011-12. Employers went for downsizing and pay c...

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Forecast: What HR will be doing over the next 3 years

Hiring freezes will likely thaw. Employees’ share of healthcare costs will continue to rise. And a lot of companies will shrink staffs. That’s a few of the results of a recent poll of HR managers from consultant Watson Wyatt. About seven in 10 HR pros see their company’s salary freezes being lifted over the next year. Here are some other details of the poll, which forecasts trends over the next three to five years. The number of employees working past retirement age will: Gr...
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How HR Professionals Can Play a Role in Protecting the Enterprise

The story that made headlines this past summer of the San Francisco IT administrator who locked top administrators out of the city`s network for several days should spark some serious discussion among HR professionals. The incident was a classic example of what a disgruntled employee with elevated privileges can do to take down the enterprise, such as encrypting data or changing passwords to restrict access to business functions. IT professionals perform invaluable functions – without thei...
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Rejected applicant`s convinced he`s the most qualified

Hiring decisions are rarely easy — they often come down to trying to pick the best out of two or more similarly qualified candidates. Having that choice is great, but it can make it tough to prove some decisions were made objectively without bias. In one case, an applicant was turned down for a job he thought should have been his. He was African American, and the hired applicant was Caucasian. He claimed he was more qualified and “mature” than the guy who got the job. The company sai...
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Strengthen your personal brand to boost your results

Improving your personal brand and appearance won`t make the slowdown go away, but it will increase your chances of success this year, says style consultant Elena Reed. "While the way you look is not a substitute for the knowledge and discipline you need to perform in your role, knowing you are `branded` for success will give you the confidence to pursue more opportunities," Reed says. Just as becoming a big biller requires effort and time, "looking professional does not happen by itself. Y...
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