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Recruitment is a ballgame played between perspiring HR managers and aspiring software engineers. The game is getting complicated with the number of coaches (ex-colleagues) and referees (placement consultants) outnumbering the players themselves. SW engineer: Software engineer – generally believed to be the ninth wonder of the world. HR Managers: Human Resource Managers – generally believe and pretend that they understand this wonder Consultants – those who practice the "balanced s...

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Using SMS in Recruitment

08 January 2009:SMS is an important marketing medium, but has limited application in Recruitment/Job Search. Most of the messages you could send are transactional. The key to a successful SMS marketing campaign relies on the 3 pillars - planning, content and execution. In this blog post I have just summarised my thoughts and ideas into various groups - Uses in Recruitment, Advantages, Disadvantages, Measuring SMS, Questions to ask yourself before sending SMS, Tips and Common mistakes I hear from...
Published about 09-01-2009 | Rated 0
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Email Marketing Tips for Recruiters

Email Marketing provides powerful solutions to businesses which save time, reduce expenses, increase efficiencies, and boost profits. Recruiters need to constantly adjust their campaigns in these market conditions and technology enhancements to stay ahead of the competition. Coinciding with SEEK http://www.seek.com.au updated website design; they have recently updated the daily "Job Mail" sent to subscribers. The email design has been updated and provides a fresh and clean display. The emails...
Published about 18-01-2009 | Rated 0
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How to Do Twice As Much With Half the Recruiting Team

Times are tough. Even those companies that are doing reasonably well are cutting their recruiting teams by a minimum of 30% to a maximum of 90%, and tightening up expenses to the absolute barest minimum. Half of these cuts are probably necessary anyway, the balance most likely an overreaction to the dismal economic conditions most companies are now facing. There is an expectation that along with the cuts these recruiting departments need to drastically improve their productivity by 30%-50%...
Published about 21-03-2009 | Rated 0
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Recession claims 6,800 jobs in one day

December 5 2008:About 6,800 more British jobs are likely to disappear, it emerged yesterday, as employers throughout the developed world step up the pace of layoffs. Economists at JP Morgan said: "With indicators pointing to an intensifying global adjustment in employment and business spending, our forecast for the deepest four-quarter GDP slide in the developed world since world war two appears to be on track." Many experts are predicting the next monthly labour market figures from the US...
Published about 04-12-2008 | Rated 0

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