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Using SMS in Recruitment

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08 January 2009:SMS is an important marketing medium, but has limited application in Recruitment/Job Search. Most of the messages you could send are transactional. The key to a successful SMS marketing campaign relies on the 3 pillars - planning, content and execution. In this blog post I have just summarised my thoughts and ideas into various groups - Uses in Recruitment, Advantages, Disadvantages, Measuring SMS, Questions to ask yourself before sending SMS, Tips and Common mistakes I hear from...

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Learn from the great communicators how to mobilise your team

The best leaders don`t communicate with their staff via email - they use their words, voice and actions to get messages across exactly as intended, says coach Sophie Robertson. Great orators - think Barack Obama or Martin Luther King Jnr - have an ability to galvanise people in trying times or to mobilise people for a cause, she notes, but only seven per cent of the effectiveness of their communication is due to their words. Some 38 per cent of communication is vocal (the tone you use) a...
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NIIT partners Adobe for offering multimedia course to schools

Learning and knowledge solution provider NIIT has partnered with Adobe to offer web and multimedia course to schools. "The curriculum is for students of Class 6 to 12, where they will be taught to use Adobe Creative Suite preparing them for careers in website designing, video editing and sound editing," NIIT President (School Learning Solutions) L Balasubramanium said in New Delhi . NIIT plans to launch the course in the top 50-100 schools in the first year, he added. Adobe`s Creativ...
Published about 29-11-2008 | Rated 0
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Prepartion for Recruitment

S1 SECTION 1 – PREPARING FOR RECRUITMENT Prior planning and preparation can achieve a more innovative and strategic approach to recruitment. This section covers the work that could be done before job vacancies occur. Opportunities to prepare are in the following areas: • Strategic workforce planning and adjusting recruitment to meet organisational needs; • Designing jobs and preparing job descriptions; • Establishing the work-related requirements for each job; and • Evaluating ...
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Half of laid-off workers finding new work - and many are getting paid more

Here’s a rare bright note in employment news: Nearly half (48%) of workers who were laid off from their full-time jobs in the past three months have found new, full-time work — up from 41% at the end of the first quarter. Another 3% of laid-off workers found part-time work, which is down from 8%, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey of employees who were laid off from full-time jobs in the past year. More than half able to negotiate higher pay The survey also looked at a varie...
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