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10 hardest jobs to fill

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If you’re trying to find candidates for any of these positions, you may have trouble even in this job market. The list of most challenging positions to fill hasn’t changed much this year, says staffing firm Manpower. The top 10, according to the company’s most recent survey: Engineers Nurses Skilled/manual trades Teachers Sales reps Technicians Drivers IT staffers Laborers, and Machine operators. Each of those titles has appeared on the list at least once in the past four y...

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The Right View - ASPIRE AND ASSERT !

Hi, Let the people take over the spirit of the Red Fort and declare from its ramparts: "Honourable leaders, having cheated us for the last six decades and made politics a business of scoundrels, for once give India her due in the form of a nation-centric polity beyond family lords and stinking mafiosi of castiests, extortionists and murderers." India certainly deserves a better lot to be elected members of a parliament which saw shameful scenes last time when a nuclear deal was being pushe...
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How to Start Recruiting Employees Online

If you pick the most appropriate listing services and plan your strategy, you can reap great benefits from online recruiting — including quick access to lots of qualified candidates. There are three major avenues in online recruiting: * Online classifieds and job boards - You can advertise your job openings in the online equivalent of classified want ads and wait for jobseekers to contact you. * Resume banks - You can browse online resume sites for likely candidates and contact ...
Published about 30-10-2009 | Rated 0
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The Recruiting Project Manager

The traditional recruiting model should be replaced by what I call Solution Recruiting — which I will be writing about in an upcoming Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership. For the time being (for the website), I wish to mention a part of the solution I’m proposing. This part of the solution is called a “Recruiting Project Manager.” Recruitment Process Outsourcing has often failed when the client believed it to be a wondrous pipeline, where money flows out and perfectly qualified...
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e-Recruitment :- Sourcing Resumes (Especially, Passive Job Seekers)

While driving through the list of Recruiter`s Groups, i came across this common question. "How do you source profiles apart from job boards & networking sites?" My View: :THINK-OUT-OF-THE-BOX: Following are the few points that a recruiter should concentrate ( I concentrate). Assume you as a job seeker, and go for a strategy. If a recruiter is trying to reach you for an opportunity, what would you expect from him. (way of approach, customer service, career orientation, follow-up, pers...
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