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Recruitment Strategies

Views 255 Views    Comments 7 Comments    Share Share    Posted by Karuna 05-10-2008  
Recruitment is of the most crucial roles of the human resource professionals. The level of performance of and organisation depends on the effectiveness of its recruitment function. Organisations have developed and follow recruitment strategies to hire the best talent for their organisation and to utilize their resources optimally. A successful recruitment strategy should be well planned and practical to attract more and good talent to apply in the organisation.
For formulating an effective and successful recruitment strategy, the strategy should cover the following elements:

1. Identifying and prioritizing jobs
Requirements keep arising at various levels in every organisation; it is almost a never-ending process. It is impossible to fill all the positions immediately. Therefore, there is a need to identify the positions requiring immediate attention and action. To maintain the quality of the recruitment activities, it is useful to prioritize the vacancies whether to focus on all vacancies equally or focusing on key jobs first.

2. Candidates to target
The recruitment process can be effective only if the organisation completely understands the requirements of the type of candidates that are required and will be beneficial for the organisation. This covers the following parameters as well:

* Performance level required: Different strategies are required for focusing on hiring high performers and average performers.

* Experience level required: the strategy should be clear as to what is the experience level required by the organisation. The candidate’s experience can range from being a fresher to experienced senior professionals.

* Category of the candidate: the strategy should clearly define the target candidate. He/she can be from the same industry, different industry, unemployed, top performers of the industry etc.

3. Sources of recruitment
The strategy should define various sources (external and internal) of recruitment. Which are the sources to be used and focused for the recruitment purposes for various positions. Employee referral is one of the most effective sources of recruitment.

4. Trained recruiters
The recruitment professionals conducting the interviews and the other recruitment activities should be well-trained and experienced to conduct the activities. They should also be aware of the major parameters and skills (e.g.: behavioural, technical etc.) to focus while interviewing and selecting a candidate.

5. How to evaluate the candidates
The various parameters and the ways to judge them i.e. the entire recruitment process should be planned in advance. Like the rounds of technical interviews, HR interviews, written tests, psychometric tests etc.

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Himabindu 15-10-2008
It nice One..

Worthy and Helpful for the Recruiters

Thank you Karuna.

Neelima 18-11-2008

Its informative.

Manju 09-12-2008
Hi Karuna,

This is very useful information and throws the light on the recruitment cycle.

Shazaib 11-12-2008
Brilliant, Good work
Vijaykrishna 17-01-2009
very useful information
Raj 25-06-2009
Its really informative to bring into our recruiters purview.
Srinivasa Rao 20-07-2009

Please keep sharing this kind of information, where we can do a self-developement planning. We will start sharing the new or effective process in place


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