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Immediate boss: Indian employees` biggest motivator

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Bangalore: Indian employees report higher levels of manager effectiveness, than employees in most other countries. According to a research, immediate managers have influence on their employees beyond their role as delegator, evaluator or motivator.

The research has been conducted by the Kenexa Research Institute (KRI), a division of Kenexa, a provider of business solutions for human resources. The results suggest that an employee`s view of his/her immediate manager has a significant impact on his/her engagement level and overall views of the company. The data comes from an analysis of the WorkTrends database, an annual survey of worker opinions conducted by KRI.

The latest results from the study indicate that 68 percent of subordinate employees in India rate their managers as effective, compared to the global rating of 60 percent. Employees in Brazil (61 percent) report the second highest ratings of managerial effectiveness, followed by those in the U.S. (60 percent), Russia (57 percent), Canada (56 percent) and China (53 percent). Workers in France (41 percent) reported the lowest ratings. Employees` evaluations of their managers are driven by the extent to which the manager displays the fundamentals of managerial competence - doing a good job at managing the team`s work and the team itself, and being perceived as a leader.

For employees in India, an effective manager provides useful feedback, evaluates employees` performance fairly, provides a sense of a promising future and practices open, two-way communication. For all workers studied, good managers have a significant impact on the workers` employee engagement levels. Employee engagement is the extent to which employees are motivated to contribute to organizational success, and are willing to apply discretionary effort to accomplishing tasks important to the achievement of organizational goals. Engaged employees favorably rate their pride in their organization, willing to recommend it as a place to work.

Additionally, those employees who are satisfied with their managers, state a much higher intention to stay with the organization versus those who are dissatisfied. Those who rate their managers as good also feel that they have a promising future with the company and have confidence in the organization`s future.

"Effective managers are respectful, considerate and fair, as well as good organizers who can clearly communicate work expectations and provide feedback. While this is easy to grasp conceptually, many managers struggle with implementation but for those who get it, there are large benefits," said Jack Wiley, Executive Director, Kenexa Research Institute.

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