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Making an Effective Oral Presentation

Views 14 Views    Comments 2 Comments    Share Share    Posted by Zaman 21-10-2008  
The first problem with oral presentation is that most of us suffer from what is called ‘Stage Fright’ - a fear of standing before an audience and addressing them. Let me tell you even many years of public speaking do not remove stage fright. It is only an expression of the fear of looking foolish before other people.

How can a speaker cope with stage fright? Bear in mind the following:

• You are not alone. Even great speakers suffered from this problem.
• Your audience knows the problem and they sympathize with you. They will forgive honest mistakes.
• while your nervousness appears to be great to you, it is usually not Visible to your audience. They will not notice the tremor in your voice and a few occasional mistakes.
• Try to compose your self. Before the actual speech you may rehearse in private before friends or even a mirror.
• Begin with a familiar statement or story. Let your introduction be slow but well prepared.
• Check out physical facilities: The stage, the lighting, sound system and space etc.
• Concentrate on the message.
• The most important thing to do is to prepare well in advance and practice as often as you can.
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Ravindranath 20-11-2008
nice one
Raj 11-01-2010
its good suggestion and I can suggest you that, Just if your porepare atleast 5 mins prior to give your speech, then that will be very much impressive

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