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Bangalore picks attitude, knowledge for jobs

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Mumbai: According to a report by Frost and Sullivan, students in Delhi pick knowledge and students from Mumbai selects attitude required for jobs when it comes to employability. The students from Bangalore understand the requirement of both sets of skills, reports the Economic Times.

"There are several studies on employability skills from the point of view of corporates and managements. For once, we wanted to look at the subject through the eyes of students. We wanted to figure out their opinions and attitudes on the job market, as well as the skills they found important and the ones they felt they lacked," said Karen Braganza, Consultant, Frost and Sullivan.

Around 1,000 students between 20-24 years of age from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore were surveyed in the study. While two thirds of the students were pursuing a graduation degree, the remaining were pursuing diploma courses.

These students were asked to rate the importance of a variety of skill sets, which included education and domain knowledge, communication skills, decision making skills, leadership, motivation, presentation skills as well as attitude and personality. Students from Bangalore seemed to think that all skills were equally important for employability, as students from Delhi considered domain knowledge and presentation amongst the most important. Students from Mumbai opted for soft skills such as attitude and personality, communication and decision making.

"Students from Mumbai seems to recognize that, while searching for a job, they will be competing with several others with similar educational qualifications. What sets them apart are their skills in other spheres of life," said Braganza.

About 20 percent of the respondents said that they were pursuing an additional course along with their regular studies, with most students opting computer application and programming, while some opting for courses in English. The maximum duration for these courses was 4-8 months. The students described the primary reason for pursuing an add-on course was for making them more employable.

A majority of students opined that the ideal course would comprise of 30 percent of domain knowledge and 70 percent of soft skills.

While measuring their own proficiency in various skills, majority of Delhi respondents felt they had more than the necessary proficiency in most skills. Students from Bangalore felt their proficiency matched desired levels, while students from Mumbai felt they were less proficient.

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