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Recruit and Hire the Best

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Recruiting the best employees for your organization is an ongoing challenge for every manager, supervisor and Human Resources professional. If you`re looking for solid, proven best practices and up-to-the-minute ideas in recruitment, interviewing and selection, you`ve found the right course.

Participants in the class will cover the following areas of interest during the five weeks of the course. You will learn:

* Why an effective job description makes good business sense as the starting point for recruiting staff,
* Creative ways to find potential employees,
* How to use your team for recruitment,
* Top ten recruiting tips,
* How to screen potential employees,
* Eight hiring mistakes employers make: from application to interview,
* Ask right to hire right: how the interview approach can help you select the best candidate,
* Tips for interview approaches, and
* Best practices in interviewing.

You will learn to develop a superior workforce via a documented hiring process that:

* Defines the outcomes desired from the person you hire,
* Develops a job description that clearly describes performance responsibilities,
* Develops the largest pool of qualified candidates possible,
* Devises a careful candidate selection process to hire the best staff,
* Performs appropriate background checks,
* Makes an employment offer that confirms your position as an employer of choice.

Classes start every week. You will receive the weekly study guide on the same morning on which you signed up to have the course delivered to your email address. You can take the class at your own pace, but you will receive the emails every week.

The Recruit and Hire the Best training class is free. The only cost to you is the time you spend working on the lessons.

There are a few things you should know before you sign up for the class:
You cannot change your email address in the middle of the class, so be sure to use an address you`ll have for at least seven weeks. Due to the amount of email I receive, I cannot reply to the "anti-spam" measures for this class. So if you`re using something that blocks email until a "real person" sends it, you`ll need to turn it off to receive the class. Homework is suggested for this class, but it is not graded. If you need feedback, you should post your questions and discussion in the HR Community Connection forum in the Recruit and Hire the Best Class folder.

Fill out the following form to receive the weekly course outlines and get started.

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