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Mozilla to release Firefox 3.5 on Tuesday

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Bangalore: Mozilla`s much awaited Firefox 3.5 is slated for release on Tuesday, a company representative has said. The updated version is being touted as a browser that will feature high speed.

Other key features include TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, which boosts performance and stability, as well as a Private Browsing Model for control of private data. The Private Browsing Model does not retain visited pages, form and search bar entries, passwords, cookies, temporary or cached Internet files and so forth. Firefox 3.5 has similar features as that of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

Firefox 3.5 also has a Location Aware Browsing or geolocation facility, where it takes the IP address of the user, information about nearby wireless access points and a temporary cookie-like identifier, and gives the information to Google so that searching in Google retrieves results that relate to the users location. A downloadable release candidate for version 3.5 is already available on the web.

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