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India is most optimistic recruiter in the world: Survey

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Recession may have hit many sectors but employers in India are the most optimistic towards hiring, an international survey has said.

It also adds that most of the recruiters in the country are still unsure about their hiring intent in the next fiscal.

The survey conducted by a US-based HR consulting firm `Manpower` covers 33 nations, including India. Around 3,336 Indian companies across seven industry sectors and 72,000 employers worldwide responded to the survey.

According to the survey, India`s Net Employment Outlook (percentage of employers anticipating total employment to increase minus percentage expecting to see decrease in employment in the next quarter) had improved to 25 plus percentage against 19 per cent in the last quarter -- the highest among the surveyed countries.

"At 25 per cent plus, the Net Employment Outlook (NEO) may be the most optimistic reported globally but this is a historically weak forecast from Indian employers and they remain hesitant about adding employees at this time," Managing Director of Manpower India, Naresh Malhan stated in a release.

The survey attributes the drop of NEO to 25 per cent plus currently from 42 per cent in the second quarter of 2008 to the impact of the global downturn.

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