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Basco begins Indian operations in Mumbai

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Mumbai: In a move to cater to the Indians through Japanese art, Japan based design agency Basco has launched its operations in Mumbai. Tetsu Kimura, Founder & CEO of Basco said, "The Japanese school of design characterized by calligraphy and the use of space characterized in the Zen way of life, will cater to Indian brands as per their target audiences and marketing strategies."

The move is triggered by the monumental consumer growth and heightened competition amongst products and services in India. "I would rate distinct designing very high for procuring the eyeballs particularly in a market where the consumer is increasingly spoilt for choice," said Kimura.

The India venture Basco`s Japan is being launched jointly by Basco, Maido Enterprises and La Ditta (Japan) headed by Harry Cheng. The company would be creating an independent team of designers who will be well versed with intricacies of Japanese designing. Harry Cheng, who is also the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Bosco pointed out that currently some 700 Japanese companies are operating out of India and this figure is bound to increase in the coming years.

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