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Forget it man. He has enough time to reply. Do you have??
Related education (MBA HR, MHRM etc)
Communication (Enhance communication with people around)
right approach to right opportunity at right time (When both of the above are in hands, then this one is to be followed)

The combination of above three things can bring him/ her to make a career in HR Field.

Thanks & Regards,
Hi Manju,

Any career can be a right option for you as long as you know how to do that job and you love doing that job.

Ex: A professional thief always likes his/ her job. It's not just because of the wealth he/she makes by stealing. It's the fun he enjoys while stealing.

HR can be a choice for some reasons mentioned below.

1) No field job.
2) it makes the decision power stronger. You know what you want.
3) The stress level is less as a requirement is already available to you.
4) The other activities like payroll, employee training, employee management etc are fun doing as long as you are social.

There can be many reason. You can now find out.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & Regards,
I understand the nature of US Staffing is such that you need to work as per the US Time zones. Here are a couple of tips i have to give which can keep you fit under odd working hours.

1) When you go home in the morning hours after regular activities, prepare a mix of warm milk, dry fruits and drink a full glass. have some food which is not made up of OIL. You can sleep till next 6 hours tight without getting disturbed.

(If you can do a little bit excercise, that will be really great. Don't do more excercise as the energy that you have spent in the night is too much.)

2) When you wake up, take bath and finish any other regular activities. have rice as it is afternoon and u need to have rice at least once in a day and complete your day's tasks.

3) before going to office sleep for 1 hour or just lie down and close your eyes. It helps not to get sleep during night hours. In dinner have roti, phulka and light curry without heavy masala. You are now good to work whole 7-8 hours.

4) Take small breaks to re-energize yourself.

Let me know how it works.

Thanks & Regards,
it is all about how much a person loves his/ her job. Sometimes i dont see the watch while working. I also understand that it is really not possible everyday. I hope i have a solution for corporates here who wants their employees to work extra hours.

If employees enjoy their work, the issue of productivity will be solved automatically. In today's world the personal touch is missing and thus the feeling of involvement from the other side. The word "PRESSURE" has become a common word in every job advertisements now a day.

Before appointing somebody on the job, companies/ employers give an idea of the word "PRESSURE". Some employers define it on the job description proudly. Well, this can never be a solution to productivity.

I will strongly deny that extra hours of work brings productivity. You need to take a self responsibility to train the employees to a level of excellence where they can complete the work before time and go home and enjoy family life.

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After all we choose them to be part of giant companies.

Sourcing & Identifying a resource for a company who can provide the services a particular department or section of a company wants, is not easy task.

You need to be very careful on who you are sending a candidate for an interview to the client. Prior sending a resource to an interview you need to screen his/ her technical skills, communication skills, attitude over the phone, idea about doing a job for somebody etc. If you made a mistake, the client has to pay for it. This is how it's a great job to do. If somebody asks me why i have chosen recruiting as my career, I would always say i want to take the pride to source the best people for a company who are part of economic and social symbol of that particular country. It is a privilege to work on such assignments where your decission plays an important role.

Thanks & Regards,

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