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SkillSign - Readymade Online tests for Candidate Screening
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Posted 21-01-2013Reply

Dear Recruiter,

I would like to introduce SkillSign as next generation technology partner for your online test requirements.

SkillSign is an enterprise-grade testing platform that makes online assessments faster, smarter, easier and it is completely free. We can provide you ready made tests for high end skills, ideal for initial screening of candidates.

With SkillSign you can create your own branded test academy in 5 minutes. No hardware or installation needed as SkillSign is completely cloud based.

No technical skills required.

Salient features of our product are

1. Create or buy readymade assessments for your candidates.

2. All question types and media formats supported.

3. Best-in-class Analytics. Print / Email candidate reports which can be sent to your client for extra margins.

See our test directory for readymade tests for candidate screening. These tests can be offered at highly discounted price when bought in bulk. Your candidate sees your logo and you can print reports with your branding.

You just need to sign up for free academy and email us on which tests you want for your candidates. We will take care of rest.

Visit us on www.skillsign.com to know how you can gain from SkillSign with zero initial investment.

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