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ITM Consultancy Services , A Domestic and Overseas Recruitment Agency
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ITM CONSULTANCY SERVICES,. a reputed “OVERSEAS MANPOWER” supplying agency established in 2000 and recognized by the Government of India. ITM Consultancy Services helps accurately place people in assignments, providing our customers with productive workers and employees with work that matches their skills and abilities. We have had the proud privilege of providing potential job opportunities with promising career prospects for several thousands of aspiring candidates in highly lucrative positions with highly reputed Multinationals and other industrial clients in ,Myanmar,US,UK,Canada , Australia, Gulf Countries & Middle East.

We have experience in screening, assessing and short listing candidates for various categories starting from Top Management, Middle Level to Skilled fields like IT, ITES,Banking & Finance , Automobile,Aviation, FM CG , Foods and Beverage, Textile, Telecommunication and & Unskilled Labour from various recruitment in projects / construction, plant maintenance, contracting, building & industrial maintenance, onshore / offshore, industrial installations, marine, jetty / harbor, diving / underwater, health, safety, environment & loss prevention, medical & para-medical, exploration & production, hospitality & catering, PMV, pest control & public health, information & communication technology.

Any Business Queries please Contact

ITM Consultancy Service

+91 . 44 . 43579076

+91. 44. 43567543

+91. 9884056909


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 Type: Professional, please report if fun topic

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