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How TO Prevent Employee Turnover
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Posted 20-05-2009Reply

How to Prevent Employee Turnover :-

1. No doubt Exit interview is one of the sources to get the reason for change and which help us to amend existing policy or to introduce new policy.

2.While most organizations want to blame turnover on wages and benefits, they actually do not play a big role in why people leave their jobs. The overwhelming majority of people who leave any company leave because of the way they are treated every day.

First, lack of appreciation is itself a negative. There are many managers who are very nice people, but who manage almost exclusively by negative reinforcement--not because of what they do but because of what they don't do. If you can't identify times when you have overtly told individuals that you appreciate their contributions, then you can count on the fact that they think you don't.

Second, when you give out positives--whether it is a pat on the back or a raise in pay--if you give them equally to all performers, then you end up punishing the best performers. Most employees think that it's not fair that they work hard every day, while others do just enough to get by--yet the consequences, pay, benefits, perks and praise are the same. " Treat people on the basis of merit, not seniority or position.

The third reason that employees feel negative about the workplace is that even though managers think they are creating a positive environment, they frequently fail to deal effectively and efficiently with problem performers. When poor performance is tolerated, other employees don't understand it. When they try to figure out why, they often conclude that there is favoritism for some unknown reason or that the supervisor or manager is weak. Both reasons are problems for the organization.

3.Career Development and Career Counseling

Career development is a process by which organization, the supervisor, help employees in developing their career goals and implementing their career plans.

Career Counseling is the methods by which you explain the career development process and help the employee identify career goals and career plans. Career development begins with and success depends on effective career counseling. Career counseling focuses on the employee’s career goals and the preparation of career plans consistent with organization future staffing needs.

4. Training and Development.

5. Organization culture.

6. Reward and recognition.

7. Grievance & issue handling.

8. Employee care by creating - fun at work/outings/Team building exercise.

9. Improving Recruitment process -- Taking right people.

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Totally agree with your post. Especially the part where you say it's on how they are being treated. In then, it comes down to appreciation for the work that we do, and I don't think that's much to ask or give from the higher ups. What some companies don't realise is that people owe their loyalties to companies who treat them nicely and this is the basic human nature. And there's nothing better than appreciation and telling them that their contribution means a lot.

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