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The seven types of recession-era employees

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How has the global downturn affected employees` psyche?

In an interesting categorisation of employees` behaviour in these recessionary times, Canada`s world-famous Queen`s School of Business at Kingston near here has clubbed them into seven groups.

According to Douglas Reid, who is an associate professor of global business at Queen`s School of Business, employees in recession-era workplaces typically fall into the seven broad categories.

He lists them under new terminology, with the Terminated topping the list.

The Terminated: These employees may not be physically present in the organisation, but their memories linger and affect those that stay.

The Fearful: These employees fear they will be getting the axe next. Though they are ready to search for a new job, they cling to whatever certainty their existing situation affords.

The Indifferent: This group believes that the recession is going to affect someone else, not them.

The Delighted: These are the high performers who delight in the improvement in their situation relative to the average consumer via sales and discounts.

The Apocalyptic: This is a small group that believes that the recession presents a necessary `reset` for a myriad list of failures in the existing system of capitalism.

The Longers: They are hoping for a severance package and are optimistic that they will quickly land another employment.

The Engaged: They form the core of a company`s renewal efforts. They understand the consequences of the recession and what needs to be done to help the business recover.

According to Reid: "Managers encounter a wider range of on-the-job behaviours than simple economic reasoning predicts.

"Relying on fear as a management tool is as poor a choice during a recession as it is during a boom."

Rated as Canada`s top business institute, Queen`s School of Business is also one of the world`s premier business schools. Apart from Canada, the school runs its business programmes in the US and the United Arab Emirates.

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