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The Head Hunting Story

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We decided to hire a Technical Manager. This was a critical position & we did not want to take any chances. So we decided that money should not be a factor. We decided to give a Newspaper advertisement, publish the Jobs in Job boards, and allocate the assignment to Talent Search Partners.

We received 100’s of resume. After a pain staking shortlisting process, we identified 5 people who were promising. We had a telephonic & called them for Interview.

After the interview, we were buoyant that we identified the ideal fit for the position. It has cost us dearly and took almost 45 days going through the process. But still, we were all happy of the outcome. We had the ideal Candidate for the position who will fit into the position exactly.

I called him up to discuss the offer & make him comfortable with our Company & its policies. After going through the entire formality – I said, “You know, we have spent $30000/- to find you. Our company stops at nothing to get the right Candidate”. Our next Technical Manager was impressed.

But what he told me stunned me, “All you had to do is go through your email box couple of months back. I had applied for a vacancy with the company”

PS: This is an imaginative story. But I am sure you will understand the underlying fact behind the story.

- Maintaining a Searchable Resume database will surely help you recruit faster & cheaper!

Thanks for your time folks, the story is over… go back to sleep, psst, I am sorry… go back to work!
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