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Selection Process - Choosing the Right Candidate

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Selecting a suitable candidate can be the biggest challenge for any organisation. According to Dale Yoder - "Selection is the process in which candidates for employment are divided into 2 classes - those who are to be offered employment and those who are not."

The success of a sales organisation largely depends on its staff. Selection of the right candidate builds the foundation of any organization`s success and helps in reducing turnovers.

Though there is no fool proof selection procedure that will ensure low turnover and high profits, the following steps generally make up the selection process for the right sales personnel -

* Pre Interview Screening & Preliminary Interview

This is generally the starting point of any employee selection process. Pre Interview Screening eliminates unqualified applicants and helps save time. Applications received from various sources are scrutinized and irrelevant ones are discarded. A preliminary Interview may be conducted as well.

* Application Form

An candidate who passes the preliminary interview and is found to be eligible for the job is asked to fill in a formal application form. Such a form is designed in a way that it records the personal as well professional details of the prospective sales employee.

* Personal Interview

Most sales managers believe that the personal interview is an absolute `MUST`. It helps them in obtaining more information about the prospective employee. It also helps them in interacting with the candidate and judging his communication abilities, his ease of handling pressure etc. In some Companies, the selection process comprises only of the Interview.

* Checking References

Most application forms include a section that requires prospective candidates to put down names of a few references. References can be classified into - former employer, former customers, business references, reputable persons.

Such references are contacted to get a feedback on the person in question including his behaviour, skills, conduct etc.

* Credit Checks

Many Companies check the financial condition of a prospective employee. If a person faces the burden of heavy loan or debt, a prospective employer would want to know that.

* Tests

Different types of tests are conducted to evaluate the capabilities of an applicant, his behaviour, special qualities etc. Separate tests are conducted for various types of jobs.

* Physical Examination

If all goes well, then at this stage, a physical examination is conducted to make sure that the candidate enjoys sound health and does not suffer from any serious ailment.

* Job Offer

A candidate who clears all the steps is finally considered right for a particular job and is presented with the job offer. An applicant can be dropped at any given stage if considered unfit for the job. Only after successfully clearing all the hurdles, an applicant can enjoy the feeling of being selected for a particular job.

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Kirti 05-11-2008
good way to select the right candidate.

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