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People talent can thrive in downturn

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Talent managers have been urged to see the downturn “as an opportunity, not a problem”.

Speaking in London at the launch of a new report published by Maynard Leigh yesterday, Mick Holbrook, director of organisation and people development at PricewaterhouseCoopers said investing in talent development was vital during the recession.

“The key is engaging with people and we’ve stepped that up in the downturn, we are holding our nerve and not cutting back on graduate recruitment,” he said.

“We see the downturn as an opportunity, not a problem - treat your people well now and they will repay you for it in the future.”

And Jacqueline Davies, group head of talent and executive resourcing at Lloyds Bank, said the difficult conditions in the banking sector attracted talented high potential candidates seeking the challenge.

“We think we are re-writing the future of financial services,” said Davies.

“We want to help people navigate their careers and restore pride in financial services - we are in a challenging time but high potential people love high challenge and that can be beneficial to a company.”

Talent Management at the Crossroads, published to celebrate Maynard Leigh’s 20th anniversary, found all the businesses surveyed linked talent management with business strategy - viewing it as a contributor to growth.

Sedef Onar, Talent Director at Agency Republic, an interactive communications agency, also speaking on the panel added the current economic climate meant many companies had to do more with less and so it was important to trust line managers’ judgement in identifying high potentials.

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