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Patni to bring 2007-08 campus recruits on-board

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Software exporter Patni Computer Systems expects to complete the process of bringing on-board the campus recruits of 2007-08 latest by March next year. Rajesh Padmanabhan, Executive Vice-President and Global Head of Human Resources, Patni, said that the company had never frozen its hiring programme, despite being hit by the economic slowdown.

As reported by Business Line, the recruits have been waiting to join the Mumbai-based company ever since they passed out in June-July 2008. "Out of the campus recruits for 2008, we have about 300 employees still to be absorbed internally. They are expected to be absorbed by the fourth quarter of 2009 and the first quarter of 2010," said Padmanabhan.

However, like most other players in the space, Patni too, is now seeing an uptake in the demand environment for IT services. "Clearly there are deals happening across geographies and the pipeline looks quite robust. It all depends on how quickly we are able to capitalise on these opportunities," said Padmanabhan.

In the quarter gone by, Patni gave promotions as well as wage hikes to its employees. About 10 percent of its employees up to the project manager level (over 1000 people) in its IT delivery organisation were promoted, said Padmanabhan. It also implemented the salary hikes of eight percent on an average across the organisation. For 2010, the company intends to hire anywhere between 1,200 to 1,500 persons. In its bid to counter the anti-outsourcing rhetoric globally, the mid-size firm is keen to scale up hiring for its onshore and client-facing operations.

"The numbers that we have onsite is quite small except for America. In Europe, we only have around 500-550 persons. Depending on where we get the deals, we will have an optimum onsite-offshore mix going forward," said Padmanabhan. For the current quarter, Patni expects the net hiring to be positive.

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