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Partner Recruitment, Qualification and Nurturing

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Business Challenge

A large IT company with an established partner program was not adequately serving the small-medium business market. Specifically, the company targeted opportunities for revenue and customer loyalty programs within the small-medium business space. Additionally, the company sought a response to rapidly emerging threats from open-source companies. After developing a strategic plan to build a program to serve small and mid-size businesses as an extension of its existing partner program, the company selected CSG Openline to develop a strategy to target the highest quality potential partners and to execute a telemarketing campaign to recruit, qualify and nurture the quality leads.
CSG Openline Solution

CSG Openline collaborated with one of our Alliance Partners to combine a multi-touch campaign with direct mail, email and telemarketing outreach. CSG Openline kicked off the program with a blitz to qualify partners, identify top prospects and weed out the bad leads. While continuing the qualification process for new leads, CSG Openline executed a multi-touch campaign to nurture qualified prospects and train them on each of the three steps required to attain membership in the program. CSG Openline also helped maintain and increase a healthy pipeline by recruiting for events and trainings that assisted partners in membership. This included managing the recruitment for nearly 100 events across the United States that met technical exam requirements necessary for program membership.

CSG Openline created customized interfaces to manage the progress of partners towards achieving membership -- qualifying a list of nearly 50,000 interested members down to 10,000 top prospects -- and converted nearly 25% of those in the first year of the program. CSG Openline also created a customized database that brought in information from a variety of sources to share relevant membership status data that alerted both our client and our Alliance Partner of completed steps and ensured proper direct mail/email/phone follow-up to partners who showed membership progress

Exceeded client goal of 2,240 partners by recruiting 2,481 in just the first year of the program.

Built and maintained an active pipeline of 10,000 interested partners, actively refreshing the pipeline with fresh leads.

Our client spent $380,000 dollars for our recruitment services, while this community of partners transacted $116 million last year an influenced approximately another $320 million in revenues.

CSG Openline executed in-depth data analysis to identify the best targets for the program and the two biggest barriers to complete membership. By doing so, CSG Openline was able to:

Recruit the same number of partners with a reduction in the size of the recruitment team and reduction in budget, nearly doubling our client’s ROI in the 2nd year. Additionally, CSG Openline has reduced the cost to recruit a new partner to $190.

Identify the two biggest barriers to attain membership were the difficulty of the technical exam requirement, and the time to meet program requirements (partners averaged more than 6 months from first contact to program member).

CSG Openline helped recruit for live in-class events that provided the necessary training for partners to complete the technical exam requirement. This significantly decreased the amount of time to fulfill program requirements, tripling the number of partners who were able to complete the requirements within one month.

Additionally, these events were only effective in major cities, and our client was unable to penetrate smaller markets. Through CSG Openline’s recommendation, our client now executes these trainings through live webcasts, and has made a significant impact in second and third tier cities. CSG Openline manages all recruiting for these events, drawing nearly 200 registrants per month. Over half of these recruits complete program requirements within one month.
Membership is growing at the highest rate ever (over 200 partners per month) with a recruitment team less than half the size of the inaugural year.

Now in the 3rd year of the program, CSG Openline has reached 75% of the annual recruitment goal after just six months.

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