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MNCs steering clear of IIT/IIMs?

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NEW DELHI: The economic slowdown has also slowed down campus hiring of IIT/IIM graduates by multinational corporations but this is not the case with Indian private sector companies who have increased it.

A written reply by Kapil Sibal in the Rajya Sabha shows that while in 2008, MNCs hired 3,031 IITians through campus selection, Indian private sector companies employed only 1,621 students.

But in 2009, hiring by MNCs fell dramatically to 1,606, whereas there was a marginal increase by Indian private sector companies who hired 1,718 students.

A similar trend can be seen in six IIMs. In 2008, MNCs hired 920 students whereas Indian private sector companies employed 493 through campus interview. This year, hiring by MNCs came down substantially to 497 but that by Indian companies increased to 658 students.

In case of IITs, all seven suffered loss when it came to hiring by MNCs. In 2008, 643 students of IIT, Kharagpur, were selected by MNCs through campus selection. But it came down to 44 in 2009. Even IIT, Delhi, suffered a substantial loss — from 633 in 2008 to 390 in 2009.

IIT, Madras, was also among the major losers — from 458 in 2008 to 282 in 2009. But IIT, Kharagpur, made up by increased hiring by Indian private sector companies — from 334 in 2008 to 586 in 2009. If not for IIT, Kharagpur, there is decline in hiring by Indian private companies in other IITs.

As for IIMs, the one in Calcutta suffered a big loss when it came to campus placement to MNCs — from 240 in 2008 to 121 in 2009.

The hiring by MNCs in IIM, Ahmedabad, also came down from 155 in 2008 to 92 in 2009. In IIM, Bangalore, hiring by MNCs came down to 119 in 2009 from 203 in 2008.

IIM, Lucknow, saw a nearly 50% loss from 169 in 2008 to 82 in 2009. Asked about steps to attract talent in public services, Sibal said recruitment is done in a very transparent manner through a selection process in which all the relevant attributes of the applicants including their intellectual abilities are evaluated to ensure that the selected candidates are best suited to discharge the functions as would be assigned to them.

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