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Mahindra Satyam places 500 associates on the bench

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Bangalore: Mahindra Satyam is ready to cut more flab to trim costs. After placing over 8,000 employees on the virtual pool, the company has now created a "corporate reserve" akin to a bench for over 500 associates. This move has sparked off the speculation about possible exit of senior-level employees in the Hyderabad based outsourcing firm, reports Economic Times.

The company said that the associates belonging to the enterprise business competency (EBS) and those in sales, relationships, operations management, programme management, delivery integration, solution frameworks and presales will reside in the corporate reserve till allocations are made.

T Hari, Chief People`s Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Mahindra Satyam said, "With a transition to the new organizational design, some of the erstwhile units like vertical business units and horizontal competency units will cease to exist. Employees who have not been allocated any portfolio yet in the new organization design will be placed in the unit called corporate reserve."

According to Hari, there would only be a few hundred associates in the corporate reserve. "We are aware of the inconvenience that this could cause for the small set of associates, but request your understanding given the complexities of this large-scale exercise," added Hari.

Earlier, the company had placed around 8,000 people on the virtual pool. Analysts think that the creation of a corporate reserve is similar to placing employees on the bench. Scam tainted Satyam had around 42,000 employees on its rolls when the firm was acquired by Pune based Tech Mahindra.

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