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India : Textile sector to generate 10,000 jobs

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The Government of Orissa is making every effort to uplift the handloom and textile sector, which is going through a tough time. It has decided to create 10,000 employment opportunities in a year in the textile industry through training.

This was decided after Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Orissa, held a meeting with representatives of the Handloom Export Promotion Council (HEPC), Madurai Textile Exporter Association, Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Madurai and Karrur Textile Manufacturer Association.

A pilot project for the training will be launched in Ganjam district and it will be given jointly by the State Government and the Karrur Textile Manufacturer Association.

After completion of training, the artisans would be given employment in various textile centres of Madurai.

In addition to this, 29th centre of ATDC was inaugurated in the State on July 24.

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