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How to Start Recruiting Employees Online

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If you pick the most appropriate listing services and plan your strategy, you can reap great benefits from online recruiting — including quick access to lots of qualified candidates.

There are three major avenues in online recruiting:

* Online classifieds and job boards - You can advertise your job openings in the online equivalent of classified want ads and wait for jobseekers to contact you.
* Resume banks - You can browse online resume sites for likely candidates and contact them yourself.
* Social Networking Sites – These are immensely popular resources for active and passive job seekers, and professionals who are hiring.
Online Classifieds

If you want to try out online recruiting, one way to test it out would be to buy an online version to go with your next print classified.

Some papers may automatically list your ad both online and in print, but many large urban papers often charge a separate fee to list in both. Some major newspapers — but few smaller papers — offer online job listings separately.

When a paper offers online-only ads, the advantage over the print-online combo (besides a lower price) may be the extra space: the online-only ads often
Another option in the realm of newspaper classifieds is specialized publications. Industry journals and trade magazines carry employment listings, and this can be a good way to target relevant professionals who are more likely to be qualified, certified, and engaged in the work you need. And most such publications also have online listings, in some cases for an extra cost. If you’re tired of the flood of unqualified applicants that come from some general Internet postings, a vertical publication may be the route to take.

While classified ads advertise everything under the sun including employment, on the Web you will also find online-only sites that focus entirely on employment ads, with no print publication as part of the mix. Some of these are also free, so it`s easy to experiment.

There are also online services that charge a fee for helping you recruit people online. The cost of some of the paid job-listing services can be similar to that of running a print ad with your local paper, and like newspapers, the costs can vary by city.

Although companies do post to free online job boards for upper-level management and highly-paid technology jobs — engineers, information technology folks, Web designers, and technical project managers — these positions don`t usually get the most traction there. If you’re looking for an executive, or someone with a technical specialty, you want to look at the for-fee job sites and the recruiters.

For all the jobs that range between entry level and upper management, however, the free job Web sites are a good place to start. These sites include Craigslist (there is a small charge for submitting job listings in certain major cities); Lycos Classifieds; and Indeed.com.

For-fee online job posting services typically provide space on their site where you can organize the resumes that are sent in response to your ad, and offer tools to help you edit and manage the job ads that you post. That can be a lifesaver if you`re posting many jobs at once. These services include Monster.com, Careerbuilder, Yahoo! Hotjobs, and others.

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