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Free Online Competitive & Aptitude Tests for various Exams

Views 7 Views    Comments 0 Comments    Share Share    Posted by Vishnu 10-07-2009  
We wish to introduce
Free online test website – Aieqs.com
Create your own online tests,
Invite friends to take it,
Take up unlimited tests Created by others
For both fun and learning
Aieqs.com is a website dedicated for online testing and probably the first where tests are created by the users for other users.
This is an excellent site for students to help each other, Bosses to create tests for subordinates & Professionals to support freshers by creating subject specific tests.
Join us today @ http://aieqs.com, it is free!
Over 130 tests online including Flags of Countries, Recruiters aptitude test, Maths series, Presidents of the US, State Capitals of India & Country Capitals.
And we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email us with your suggestions and feedback to this id.
Also let your friends know about this site.
Team Aieqs.com

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