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Employee Recruitment Going Well for Nonprofits Except In IT Area

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A national study by the Listening Post Project at Johns Hopkins University debunks the idea that nonprofits are losing employees to for-profit companies; but found that nonprofits are challenged when it comes to recruiting employees with technical know-how.

Among the study`s findings are:

* Over 80 percent of nonprofit managers are happy with the qualifications of employees they hire, but find it "somewhat challenging" to offer competitive salaries.
* Nonprofits are not losing employees to for-profit companies or public entities. In fact, nonprofit employment is more robust than private employment in the U.S.
* More than 93 percent of the survey respondents say they use mostly word of mouth and referrals from current employees to find new ones. About 80 percent use newspaper ads, while 73 percent post openings on the Internet.
* For nonprofits trying to find IT workers, 70 percent say that task is extremely challenging (28%) or somewhat challenging (42%). Finding IT people of color, the study found, is even more difficult with 49 percent of the nonprofits surveyed saying it is extremely challenging to recruit IT staff of color.

Authors of the study said perceptions that nonprofits do not pay well, have noncompetitive benefits packages, and limited career advancement opportunities were major recruitment obstacles in IT.

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