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Elements of Online Recruitment

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All of the following to which we refer collectively as `the elements of online recruitment` have their place individually within the online recruitment strategy of an organisation.

Applicant Tracking
Employer Web Site
Job Boards
Online Testing

In many cases, the effectiveness of combining several of these elements in a cohesive strategy is a genuine example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Some employers have been scaling this mountain and are near the top, having combined several of these elements to achieve unrivalled efficiencies. This translates into benefits for the employer such as lower cost per hire, reduced manpower to manage applications, increased speed and effectiveness of all recruitment-related operations and a raising of the profile of the Recruitment/HR function within the employer.

The benefits to candidates should not be underestimated. A recent industry survey has highlighted the importance of `keeping the candidate sweet`. A candidate will tell his tale of bad experience many times over (as many of us tend to do when we are not satisfied with the level of service received from all sorts of suppliers). An employer cannot afford to have stories of bad recruitment practise circulating if it wishes to compete effectively for the best candidates in times of skills shortages.

We hope the following is useful in assisting you in understanding the kinds of services that you might like to consider as a part of your online recruitment strategy. To identify ORMC member companies that are able to provide these, please refer to the product supplier matrix.

Applicant Tracking

Also known as:
Candidate Tracking
Candidate Management
Candidate Relationship Management
Applicant Database

Applicant Tracking is the term used to describe a system which, in simple terms, allows you to identify the status/progress of each candidate with respect to the jobs for which he or she has applied - to be able to determine who is awaiting interview, how many applications etc.

A typical implementation of an Applicant Tracking system will involve analysis of business processes within the end-user company from which will be derived a system configuration for the chosen Applicant Tracking system.

Some features that you might expect to get in such a system could include:

* Full candidate history
* Capability to send e-mails to candidates as well as letters as required, both individually and in batches
* Search candidate database based on data concerning the candidates as well as free text information for example held in a CV document
* Other people involved in the recruitment process will be able to perform their parts of the recruitment process using the same system (e.g. reviewing CVs, providing interview feedback)
* Reporting options enabling you to identify the pipeline supply of candidates for key positions and measure time to hire.

Employer Web Site

Also known as:
Careers site
Recruitment pages
Jobs pages

The employer web site is frequently at the heart of an organisation`s online recruitment strategy and may be used as the mechanism for communicating details of job opportunities with the general public as well as collecting the data that your organisation requires from prospective and actual candidates. Updating the website with new or amended job details will typically be achieved via a simple web-based form to which all recruiters (or nominated people within the employer) would have access to.

The employer web site will typically carry the same branding as the `main` web site of the company and will usually provide some of the following features for candidates:

* Search for jobs
* Register a profile (core details of the candidate plus perhaps CV)
* Apply for jobs online
* Set-up job `alerts` (enables the candidate to receive e-mail notification when specified types of jobs become available)
* View status of all on-line applications
* Job basket (allowing a single application to be submitted for multiple job vacancies)
* Send a job to a friend (enabling the employer to extend its reach)

Job Boards

Also known as:
Job sites

A job board is akin to the recruitment advertising section of a newspaper or magazine. It will carry many jobs from a combination of employers and agencies. Just like a magazine or newspaper, it may be focused on a level of seniority (for example the Sunday Times recruitment section), it may be focused on a region (more akin to your local paper carrying job opportunities with local employers), it may be focused on a specific sector (such as the health service) - again akin to for example the Nursing Times. And just like the magazines and newspapers, there may be additional information in the form of articles and editorials which help to draw in visitors.

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