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Companies getting ready to hire again: What it means for HR

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Some long-awaited good news about the economy: More companies plan to add jobs soon.

More than half (53%) of businesses say they plan to add full-time staff within the next year, according to a recent survey by Robert Half International. Additionally, 40% plan to hire temporary or contract workers, while another 40% say they’ll add part-time employees.

That’s good news for the economy, but HR should be on the lookout for retention problems. Employees who have stuck around through increased workloads and pay decreases or wage freezes could try to move elsewhere when new jobs become available.

The best way to keep them? Not surprisingly, it’s money. About half (49%) of employees surveyed said it would take a raise to keep them in their current position, while 28% said they plan to ask for more pay when the economy improves. Also, 40% of companies said that once budgets are more flexible, they’ll use raises as their primary means of retaining top performers.

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