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AMRIS E-Recruitment Platform

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The AMRIS e-recruitment solution is an easy to use and maintain system, delivered in the most cost-effective manner for implementation and operations, based on robust internet and database technologies. AMRIS can be delivered as a service over the internet, or implemented over a corporate extranet. It allows those responsible for recruitment to streamline every aspect of the process from vacancy posting to candidate management to skills matching and the maintenance of a corporate talent bank. AMRIS is a full ‘vacancy to hire’ web based recruitment process control system. It is simple to use from a users perspective and is completely ‘modular’ enabling it to exactly meet the requirements (and map the workflow) of any size of organisation.

AMRIS functionality includes a vacancy authorisation process with a distribution matrix that can collate and report back on the effectiveness of media as well as prepare diversity reports and calculate true cost per hire. With its ability to manage online applications and build talent pools from speculative applications, AMRIS allows users to sort and sift applicants, arrange interviews, create offers and oversee the recruitment process through to candidate placement.

Current AMRIS clients include Serco Group PLC, Bradford & Bingley plc, Cancer Research UK, Primark, Littlewoods, Budgens, Musgrave and Balfour Beatty Rail.

AMRIS was created in 1998 and has been continually refined by recruitment experts. It is based on robust technology architecture and has been proven many times over.

Business Benefits

Our clients have gained substantial benefits by implementing the AMRIS e-recruitment platform. Substantially reducing recruitment costs, improving the timeliness of all management information related to the hiring process and enabling HR Departments to provide an improved service to the hiring managers, ensure that Amris clients hire the best people.

The AMRIS solution easily enables our clients to manage the many hundreds of thousands of applications received annually, providing the ability to directly improve the quality of applicants selected for interview and improving the overall candidate experience. Candidates engage with our clients quickly via our clients career websites, either immediately as active candidates replying to specific roles or anonymously as more passive oriented candidates. Our clients are easily able to generate job alerts and other digital messaging from within the AMRIS system to develop and maintain an interactive relationship with all candidates.

Our clients rapidly build a talent pool accessible by all recruitment advisors and authorised hiring managers, enabling them to rapidly identify potential recruits in times of peak employment. By developing a Talent Pool, the recruitment process shows improvements in decreased average time to hire per vacancy, decreased use of recruitment agencies, improvement in identifying duplications of candidates from multiple sources and decreased staff attrition due to more effective hiring.

Amris clients have reported overall increase in sales and performance due to a combination of two factors:

1 By improving the recruitment process, a company using E-Recruitment technology will have better staff in key roles in a faster time – lessening the adverse impact of having empty positions which require key staff to carry out multiple duties at one time.

2 Improvement in the Employment Brand. Every candidate who applies for a position at a company using our technology may well be a potential customer. By significantly improving the candidate experience, each candidate, whether successful in his/her application or not, will still have a good memory of the recruitment experience and be more inclined to visit the company as a customer (if applicable).

Why AMRIS and The Internet Corporation?

The Internet Corporation (developer of the AMRIS solution), is a privately owned Limited company with no external shareholders. The company has no debt, with all trading self funded. The development of AMRIS continues to be funded in its entirety by the shareholders.

A key differentiator is our proven flexibility and fast delivery methodology, combined with the fact that the technology platform has been developed by UK recruitment experts.

The Internet Corporation Ltd senior management are all Prince2 accredited and this is the methodology we use for delivery of our service. The company has also committed to the DTI Investors in People Standard.

The Internet Corporation is one of the true pioneers of internet services with a 30 year heritage in both recruitment and technology.

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