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American tech grads are unemployable: HCL CEO

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Bangalore: HCL technologies` Chief Executive Vineet Nayar recently said that American tech graduates are basically `unemployable`, according to an InformationWeek report. He says that he views American tech grads as inferior to those from India, China and Brazil. American tech students only enter the field to get rich or to dream up the next big thing while students from India and China are willing to handle even the boring part of the industry, ITIL and Six Sigma.

Several months ago few western CEO had claimed that even though India produces second largest number of engineers in the world, more than half of them are unemployable. They also say that Indian graduates are smart, driven and they work for a pittance compared to their Western counterparts but lack critical thinking and creativity and function like robots.

Nayar has responded back to such claims as he feels that Americans are too costly to train as compared to Indian graduates who are highly trained in real life applications because they attend vocational courses and have hands on experience. HCL, however, has recently announced that it plans to open a delivery centre in North Carolina with an investment of $3.2 million and will hire over 500 employees over the next five years under a U.S. Job Development Investment Grant.

These remarks from Nayar have already created quite a few controversies. InformationWeek`s Robert Preston wrote: "Imagine if the CEO of a U.S.-based tech company marched into Mumbai seeking a bigger share of the country`s multibillion dollar market and declared the locals to be unemployable and un-trainable. A culture of innovation isn`t inconsistent with one that values attention to detail." Few websites have taken this to extreme. A protectionist web site JobDestruction.com has sent email newsletter which says, "HCL hires Indians almost exclusively, so it`s safe to assume that Nayar`s disparaging comments don`t just apply to our young college graduates. He thinks ALL Americans are unemployable."

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