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5 tips for keeping your job

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1. Be visible

Hard work alone won`t cut it. A noble toiler who thinks diligence is a virtue is wrong, says Yale professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld. Unless you know that what you`re doing is appreciated and noticed, don`t bother.

2. Don`t be a maverick

Experimenting and pushing the envelope may be encouraged during a growth period, but right now managers are looking to focus on what`s core. This is not the time to throw yourself in an unauthorized direction.

3. Manage yourself

Your boss may be a nervous Nellie and may stop doling out assignments, so find work for yourself: Take on a new project or make another visible contribution. Your boss`s boss may start seeing you in a new light.

4. Network

People become more insular at times like this, says executive career coach Nancy Friedberg. Make sure you`re having two networking meetings a week outside the office. You`ll need those connections if your number comes up.

5. Don`t blow off the Christmas party

Holiday fetes will be scaled back and more intimate this year, says Allison Hemming, president of career consultants The Hired Guns. If you still have one, your boss probably had to fight for it - and may take it personally if you skip it.

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