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3-Step Resume Screen

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Here are 3 steps you can use in screening resumes:

1. Did the person follow instructions? For example, if you asked for a resume with salary history, did you get it? Nothing is more frustrating that asking a person to follow a set of instructions and not have your wishes complied with. If they can’t follow directions in sending their resume, will they be able to follow directions on the job?

2. Is the resume organized? It’s not too much to ask for a couple pieces of paper that are typed, neat, and free of typos. This is a document that most people perfect over time, so it ought to look like it. Once you toss out all the candidates that can’t follow instructions and are completely unorganized, then look at what’s left.

3. Does the candidate’s education and work experience fit the job description? Forget who has coolest experience or went to the best college but honestly focus on who has the experience that fits the position. I’ve seen a lot of hiring managers go gaga over resumes that have fabulous experience but it really doesn’t fit the position you’re hiring for.

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Pradeep 02-06-2009
Nice for the recruiter to recall their day to day recruitment bcoz many of the recruiter work through out the yr but if u ask about the work they cant explain properly so me think useful for them to assimilate their process.

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