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As I am a recruiter so what is my work to search for peoples who all are fit for my requirement Its my job to find appropriate candidate so for that I can take help of seniors.Today an incident happened I have done a mass mail for one requirement through Naukri by applying a broader search so my mail goes to every person senior, & juniors.Among them I got a reply from a person who is CSC [General Manager] around 20 years experience I am sharing his contact details 09710919054 (brpatil2005@gmail.com) He said me "you are an idiot do proper mails to specific person via mail then I replied this is not a proper way to talk you should be proffesional then his reply

" Hey mother fucker. First you be more professional and then talk to others. Being a recruiting company, you need learn how to read profiles and respond to it. Not just email them junior profiles and ask them if profiles suits, send resume.

Looks like you guys want to make easy money. Go asking your supid mother or you stupid dad what professionalism is. They will slap you and tell. I hope you got it son of bitch."

I just said I respected you why you abusing me this is my work to make contacts with people...........Then his reply

"Listen Samir you Mother fucker, do what you can do, Then I will show you who I am and my capability. If you are a well mannered guy, They your job is, to send email wisely. Not just send it to every one and ask them to email resumes. Looks like you are running a pan shop. Don;t ever send SPAM emails.

Junior profiles send it to senior profiles what you are upto you MORAN. Dont play games with me and you better be insured also.

Dear Naukri.com representative,
Why do you bunch of junk recruiting agencies listed at Naukri.com. These are non professionals idiotic guys and send junk emails to all.

Thanks "

So just I wanted to ask you all people is it a right way to reply to a junior because I gues there are lots of people in this HR Link who all are highly experienced please answer my question if all seniors will treat us like this then the result might we'll loose confidence and could not be a successfull HR.Inspite of explaining things you are abusing us this is really very upseting..............

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